Our Story

Juntos Farm started as a family project for Sophie Daunais and Christian Jochnick back in 2018. Leaving their busy city lives behind in London, they purchased a small farm in San Mateu in Ibiza to raise their kids closer to nature and to grow organic food for their family and the local community.

However, as they embarked on the journey of purchasing the land, buying equipment, sourcing seeds and harvesting their very first crops, they quickly realised how many challenges stood in the way for small-scale organic farmers. Ibiza in particular has seen a really rapid decline in agriculture over the last couple of decades with pressures from tourism tempting farmers into more lucrative jobs and globalism undercutting the local food economy. They realised there was a lack of access to knowledge, training and resources, shared equipment, food distribution, and local markets for small-scale producers like them and this was holding back more people from taking the leap.

Inspired by their experiences in business, Sophie and Christian started imagining what it would look like to create a brand and a destination that challenged the traditional definition of a farm to become something that was more diverse, more dynamic and more community-focused. They wanted to put the ‘culture’ back in ‘agriculture’ by creating a physical site that could act as a food hub for local farmers, producers and residents and a range of incredible products that supported an economy for farmers making the transition to regen ag. During their search, they stumbled on an abandoned dairy farm near the popular northern village of Santa Gertrudis.

This unique site covered 20 hectares of land in the heart of the island with a collection of agricultural buildings overlooking more than 8 hectares of arable land and surrounded by 8 hectares of forest. They realised that this old dairy farm could become exactly what they were looking for; a living lab and a lighthouse project that supported a community-wide transition to local, regenerative agriculture.

As this new dream was being formed Christian met Finn Harries who shared his vision and they began the journey of creating Juntos Farm. Meanwhile, while Sophie went on to create a sister company- the farm-to-table sister restaurant Juntos House.

Juntos Farm is still in its early stages. We are building an incredible team of passionate people who share our mission and taking the first steps to creating the kind of space we wish existed when we started our own farming journey. We’re excited to share our journey as we go.

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