Juntos Farm is made up of a community of passionate people who all share a desire to celebrate life. We come from more than five different countries with a wide range of backgrounds. We're driven by a commitment to accelerate the transition to local, regenerative agriculture. 

Our Values

We Are Regenerative

We develop our own organic regenerative farms. We seek circular solutions in each step of our value chain. We commit to continuous improvement in the company and for ourselves.

We Are Transparent

We believe in a future of complete transparency across each step of the value chain. We commit to measure and publish our regenerative KPI’s every year

We Are In Service

We are in service of nature and the ecosystem we are part of. We are in service of ourselves, the community and the supply chain we are part of

We Are Present

We are present to this moment of crisis and transition We are present in the community which we operate in

We Celebrate Life

This is a movement for life and we celebrate life together and as often we can. Through enjoying what we do we will attract the world to join us.

  • Christian Jochnick

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Finn Harries

    Chief Design Officer

  • Celine Bannino

    Chief Operation Officer

  • Martin Bielich

    Chief Farmer

  • Rafael Meca

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Arianna Fiorani

    Business Development Manager

  • Marina Candelera

    Human Resource Manager

  • Guillermina Balbis

    Administrative Assistant

  • Rosa González

    Operation Manager

  • Rebeca López Bonet 

    Office manager

  • Alicia Torres

    Head of Grants

  • Luis LeBlanc

    Product Manager

  • Ramon Guimera

    Event Manager

  • Maya Humo 

    Art Director

  • Candela Muschetto

    Artist & Filmmaker

  • Mathaus Ullrich

    Distribution Manager

  • Adrian Diaz

    Farm Leader

  • Agustina Marolla


  • Alba Garcia


  • Cristian Roman


  • Jose Carrero


  • Juan Ramon Marí


  • Samuel Molina


  • Carlos Rosello


  • Benjamin Bernal


  • Luigi Mattiucci


  • Jorge Emilio Ascón Torres


  • Mabel Ortellado

    Office Maintenance

  • Sara Blasco

    Office Maintenance

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