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Mother Nature’s rescue kit, bottled.

Sage, Lavender & Oregano Essential Oil

Sage, Lavender & Oregano Essential Oil

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15ml per bottle

The soothing tranquility of Lavender, the radical awakening of Oregano, and the spiritual wisdom of Sage all unite to offer mental, physical, and emotional balance. Though each of these Essential Oils are wildly potent on their own, when used together, the synergy that forms is the purest kind of alchemy. Lavandula latifolia cools inflammation, Origanum vulgare clears blockages, and Salvia lavandulifolia deeply hydrates — arriving at a state of equilibrium that only Mother Nature could orchestrate. One drop of each, and you can feel it.

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  • Organic & Regenerative

    All of the plants we use are grown using holistic regenerative methods. This means no pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers.

  • Pure & Highly Potent

    We never dilute our essential oils & our plants are grown without irrigation. This helps conserve water & produces a much more concentrated oil.

  • 100% Transparency

    We believe in a completely transparent supply chain. You can track the journey from farm to bottle using the Storybird feature below.

The Benefits

The name Lavender comes from the Latin lavare which means to ‘wash’. As this Lavender enters our body & mind, it washes away all noise — slowing down our nervous system and grounding in times of anxiety, anger, or stress. Oregano is Mother Nature’s medicine box. It is known as the natural antibiotic — having the ability to destroy harmful germs without destroying the good bacteria that keep us healthy. Sage Essential Oil is nourishment. Known as an adaptogenic plant that deeply regulates, it can often give your body exactly what it needs. It is particularly interesting during menopause for its lipolytic, aphrodisiac, and estrogen-like actions.

Our Process

By working with the rhythms of Mother Nature when making these Essential Oils, the process is slow and the yield is not always high. This means having a limited-number of Essential Oils available, but we prefer it this way. It means listening to the Earth, and co-creating together. Each bottle contains entire ecosystems at play, and the deep, abiding care of those fighting for the future of our planet. In each drop of this Oil, you can feel it.


Our Lavender, Sage, and Oregano were grown by Alfonso and Yanniek at La Junquera, a regenerative farm in Murcia, Spain seeking to regenerate the Iberian Peninsula. Growing this Sage through regenerative methods means tackling the issues the land is facing head-on, such as the degradation of its soils, overexploitation of aquifers, and biodiversity loss. This Essential Oil stands for its future.

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When to use it?


Use it whenever you need to conjure a moment of peace and surrender, whether experiencing stress, having trouble sleeping, or simply to slow things down.  


Use it in the morning to jolt yourself awake, when experiencing afternoon fog for an instant brightening of the mind, and to support natural healing when experiencing a cold or an infection. 


Use it prior to creative endeavors, a meditation, or to open dream portals before sleeping.

How to use it?

For a sensorial journey, take a deep inhale directly out of the essential oil’s bottle or use it in a diffuser. To use topically, place one to two drops in a carrier oil, and rub it on your wrists, temples or behind the ears. 

What makes it different?

Just one drop of these Essential Oils is equivalent to 10 drops of most. Their high potency is derived from their growing, harvesting, and distilling process — all honoring the ways the plant should be treated under all the right conditions, in order to come into its full power. They are then hand-picked and distilled in small batches through artisanal methods, capturing their purest essence. 

How is the aroma?


Bright and herbaceous, yet delicately floral with a sweet balsamic undertone — capturing the aromatic nuance of its landscapes.


Warm, spicy, and camphorous, where a woody undertone meets a sharp, peppery vibrancy. The result?  The unequivocal aroma of pure, unadulterated Oregano.


A blend of fresh forest Pine, freshly bloomed wildflowers, and a green, deeply herbaceous undertone that captures the plant in its full essence.

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